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Have you been harmed or effected by Covid government restrictions in your business or personal life? 

Our Mission is to help people who have been personally and/or financially effected by restrictions that are contrary to the values of freedom and self responesibilty that our constitution defines. Furthermore the restrictions vary dramatically by state, county and city not to mention industry.  The inconsistences are unexplainable and hence can be pursed for damages.


Telling hair salons they can't operate while Nancy Pelosi gets her hair done during this shut down is beyond insulting. Hence we formed a movement around to help people and insure the next pandemic is managed better.

We believe some Covid regulations are good for society but using a police analogy, they should protect and serve. Our nation is built on freedom  and it's everyone's choice, just not government or employers.

OwnCovid founders are agnostic on politics and vaccines. They have worked for Time Warner, Disney etc. A great analogy is that in the fim industry while filming signs would be put up on the entry doors of public places where filming is going on.  Signs like: " Enter at your risk.  You may  be on film and you assume that risk if you exercise your choice".  The industry didn't shut down businesses, it let people make the choice.


Own Covid is a woman owned company based in California. We are not legally focused and in fact want everyone to win.  

For direct response go to our contact page.  You can also email:

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