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We are not a law firm but are passionate advocates of people whose freedom to do business has been violated by our government.
We are advocates of civil and business rights. We are a small but passionate 10 year old corporation based in Orange County California and Oklahoma City.  We are non profit and simply help people make their best decisions. 
Personally our 2 top officers have had many friends lose their businesses.  People who have invested their life savings and were told they had to shut their doors and have lost everything.
If you need help we would like to hear from you.
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6/1 Press Release

The founder of OwnCovid, Fred Stefany, served 7 years on the board of the American Diabetes Association in Orange County, 3 of which as chairman.  He was on the board of Children's Hospital of Orange County Padrinos for many years where he advocated nurses and patients rights.  He want on to start a nursing business that got a state license and  a Joint Commission accreditation (JACHO) because of the passion of high standards. 

He infused this passion of real medical facts and regulations to be an advocate.

FiNSCompany has a long track record of building consumer businesses that your kids would be proud of. We represent consumers but only in areas where we sleep well at night.  We incubate companies like solar 10 years ago, home nursing, high end art purchasing, etc.  Now have added protecting small businesses and individuals.

We represent the following Covid


Own Covid

Rock Covid

Rocked Covid69

We are owned and managed by

Partner Magic LLC.  A woman owned diverse company.

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