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We are not PRO or ANTI vaccines.  We are ANTI people getting hurt by 2 areas:


1. Being Required to have one.  That is an individuals choice, just like the flu vaccine, HPD, etc.  People have been forced to get them against their will because of employment or travel requirements. 


2. Some vaccines give worse side effects than Covid itself


3. There are many fake vaccines that are harming people because the real manufacturers can't meet demand. 

IF YOU have been harmed by a vaccine in any of the above situations, let us help you

Lawsuits over freedom of choice have already been settled.

Under Federal Code: 21 SS360bbb-3 businesses are not allowed to require vaccines whether Covid, HPV, Bird Flu, SARD, Legionares, Chicken Pox, and so on and so on

New England Journal of Medicine article on compensation from vaccine harm.  

Center of Disease Control (CDC) article on adverse effects

Support Groups:

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